Agrotouristic lodging "Bialowieska Polana" aka "Dworek Lesny" is located on a beautiful forest clearing of Bialowieza Forest and as one of the guests said it is "a magical place, and the house has a soul". From the terrace you can admire the forest, watch birds and forest animals, listen to the chirping of crickets. This place is located 4 km from a nature reserve.


     The landlady is member of the Ornithological Society and can bring recognize birds and their sounds.The house is near the village (about 1 km), while surrounded Bialowieza Forest, which gives the impression of being in the middle of the forest, in peace and quiet. In the spring around the house is a lot of strawberries, summer herbs and autumn fungi. In winter you can watch deer and elk through the window, and in September, near the house, is rut. In winter, an additional attraction are imported from Finland, Finnish sledges, which can be used by guests from the yoke of dog's feet. The house is surrounded by many amazing ski runs and hiking, and the landlady has a Nordic Walking poles.


     Lodging may take 12-14 person, and the disposal of guests there is a lounge, which can be a conference room or lecture. Provided it is good hygiene.


Agrotouristic lodging Bialowieska Polana vel Dworek Lesny is located to:

  • River Narewka - 200m,
  • Bialowieza Forest - the immediate neighborhood,
  • Siemianowka Reservoir - 10 km.